About the referendum on the reform of the constitution in Italy

In the referendum on the constitution, which was founded in 1948 an which includes many elements of a historical compromise, which the antifascist forces, based on the movements of the partisans after the smash of fascism, were able to force on the reaction. But compromises are nothing to holden forever. The political situation of the world and italy is changeing and the open reaction is making again and again attacks on the antifascist elements in the italian constitauion.

The referendum of Renzi on the constitution was part of the plan of the completly liquidation of this antifacsist heritage. With the goal of this referendum on the constitution it shoud be managed to make it easier for the Bourgeosie to ruel over the italian people. It also should have been an important step for the reaction to contain its own political crisis. That there also have been openly fascist elements which where against the reform of the constitution, was mainly because of tactial reasons whitin one faction of the reaction. That circumstance should not confuse the revolutionary forces. A result from the huge refuse of the reform and the referendum on the constitution within the people, as well as from the riscant tactic of parts of the ruling class, is, that the political crisis of the bourgeoisie in Italy will deepening significantly, and that also will intensify the politically destabilisation of the European Union. These conditions has to be taken up from the revolutionary forces, because it brings a huge political potencial.

The election participation was about 68 percentage, altought the referendum was about „the mother of all reforms“, how it was called by the Bourggeoisie. The financial-capital was taken the referendum very serious and tried to mobilize as hard as possible, but even though 32 percentage of the people still didn‘t get impressed from it and boycotted the election. That is a strong base for the red forces in Italy to go on fighting without any mercy against parlamentarian cretinism and to leran to apply and to develop people‘s war as the way of the revolution under the italian conditions.

The masses of the people, a third, refuse the election totaly. Because Bourgeoisie will not stop with its attacks against working class and the peoples masses, the communists know clearly that the decisive rights of the people in the end only can be defeded and gained based on the masses in an armed way. This is a great teaching from the struggle of the italian partisans!

Editors of Rot Front [Red Front],

December 2016

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